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Lost Car Key? Don’t Panic

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If you have lost or damaged your car keys, don’t worry it isn’t the end of the world! You have several options available in order to get you back on the road including approaching the dealership, sorting it yourself or contacting a professional auto locksmith like Excalibur. Of course each choice has its pros and cons whether it’s time lost, expense or some other downside.

Choosing the dealership normally means a costlier process, and one which may take time involving the ordering of new keys. However they can usually be relied upon to provide a good quality solution, and genuine parts. If you think you can manage to do it yourself, this is the cheapest option, but success depends on your ability to carry out the work, and the quality of the replacement you can get.

The most frequently chosen course of action is to request the services of an auto locksmith, as you can typically be sure of high performance parts, experience and skill. When it comes to speed, they are hard to beat, and specialists like the team here at Excalibur are often able to complete the task on the same day. Professional auto locksmiths will have access to superior products from major names, and offer their service at very competitive prices.

Once a fob has been programmed to a particular car it cannot be reprogrammed, so a new device is needed. A qualified auto locksmith can obtain and program the required fob or other entry device for your car. It is also possible to make a new key without the benefit of an original, as long as you have been verified as the owner. To do this you will need to provide evidence such as your vehicle insurance and registration documents and your driver’s license. If the original has been stolen, the locksmith will ensure they can no longer be used. Once your up and running again with a new key, make sure you have a spare!

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