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How to Avoid a Broken Car Key

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By far one of the most frustrating events for the average driver is the breaking of a car key! This occurs more often than you would think, but can be a bit of an inconvenience to say the least. This kind of catastrophe however, can be avoided by implementing a few simple strategies. The two main and very effective ways of making sure your car key stays very much ‘unbroken’ is by taking preventative measures.

Firstly, metal is more prone to snapping when it gets very cold or freezes making it brittle, which is why it pays to ensure that your key is slightly warmed up before using it. This can be done by simply rubbing it between your hands, even if they feel cold.

Another common sense tactic to preserve your car key, is to take things a little slower, although car keys are designed to withstand lots of stress, they don’t take kindly to abuse. You may be in a rush and late for work or an appointment, but jamming your key into the ignition and twisting it sharply is a sure fire way of scuppering your plans.

If your key breaks off while in the ignition and you are lucky enough to have an extremely thin screw or similar item, you could try inserting it into the small space between the broken section of key and the ignition cylinder. Try to twist until you feel it grab then quickly pull out. Quite often the broken key shaft will flick out, but this works best of course were you have a spare key available.

If this does not work, your best bet is to call a specialist, preferably an auto locksmith who can usually sort the problem there and then. Calling the dealership may result in extra expense and inconvenience, as you will most probably have to wait until your particular key is ordered and delivered.

Mobile auto locksmiths like Excalibur are able to provide keys for a vast range of car makes and models, and will usually decode and reset your lock code for you. They can supply you with a new key for immediate use, a very stress free option for getting you back on the road. Meaning getting to work, to the shops or arriving at your holiday destination without too much turmoil!


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