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Why choose Excalibur to replace your lost, stolen or broken car keys in Leyland, Preston and Skelmersdale

As anyone who has ever been locked out of their car or van will know all too well, there’s nothing worse than finding you can’t get into your vehicle.

Perhaps the key has been lost, or was stolen while you were out and about. Or maybe your key has broken either in the lock or outside it.

That’s where our team at Excalibur comes in. With several decades of experience helping people from across the Leyland, Preston and Skelmersdale areas, we’re the perfect choice for those looking for some help with their lock picking needs.

Beat the dealers

When the worst happens and you find you can’t get into your car, your first thought may be to call a dealer who can come and resolve the problem for you.

But this isn’t always the best way, as the dealers can cause delays. By calling Excalibur to come to your rescue in Leyland, Preston and Skelmersdale, you can beat the dealers by saving time and money.

No matter where you are across Leyland, Preston and Skelmersdale and beyond, we won’t require the vehicle to be towed to us like a dealer would. Instead, we’ll simply come out to you – offering you an unrivalled level of service.

What’s more, we will almost always be able to help you resolve the problem on the day, as opposed to the weeks it may take a dealer.

Once we come out to meet you within just a short period after your initial call, we’ll work fast to decode the lock. Unlike with many dealers, you won’t have to have the entire lock set changed: we can simply cut new keys according to the original key number.

We always carry a wide range of technical equipment with us, so we’re highly likely to have the necessary tools for the job. In order to make sure we can always provide you with a top quality service, we take steps to keep our vans stocked with the latest technology.

Reliable and dependable

Not only do we at Excalibur beat the dealers when it comes to emergency locksmith services, we’re also proud to be reliable and dependable every time we work with customers both old and new.

We have over 35 years of experience in the business – which not only means we’ve got a strong track record when it comes to replacing lost, stolen and broken keys, it also means we know plenty about how to sort out problems with older vehicles.

Our wide range of early model keys are constantly kept in stock, so you don’t have to worry that your vehicle is too old to be helped!

Not only that, there’s also no need to worry about your vehicle getting damaged as we work to let you back in. During our many decades of experience sorting out lock problems for our customers, we’ve learned exactly how to get into cars without damaging the exterior or causing significant problems.

We’re also proud to have a strong track record of clients, including Merseyside and Cheshire Police, the AA and a range of vehicle rental companies based across the UK.

Choose from a range of services

As well as offering you a better deal then many of the leading dealers, we also provide several other related services to people across the Leyland, Preston and Skelmersdale areas.

Perhaps you can get into your car, but your car boot will not open when you need it to. We can help: just give us a call today and we will come and assist you get access to your boot.

We can also help with a range of other car problems, such as the removal of any ignition keys which have broken or the replacement of transponder chip keys.

And if you simply need an extra set of car keys to keep as a spare or to give to an additional driver, we can get a set cut for you as well.

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