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Getting Locked Out: How Does It Happen – And What Can You Do?

It Happens To Us All At One Time or Another

Getting locked out is a pretty distressing business. Whether you find yourself stranded outside your vehicle and you can see your car keys inside or you’re banging on the door of your van while stood forlornly on the pavement, it’s definitely no fun.

Here at Excalibur we regularly help clients in Warrington, Maghull and Ormskirk who have found themselves locked out. Despite the horrors associated with getting locked out, it happens to people on a surprisingly high basis – often through no fault of their own.

How Does Getting Locked Out Happen?

There are all sorts of reasons why people need to call on the services of auto locksmith firms like Excalibur.

As we’ve already hinted, one of the most common ways that people end up locked out of their vehicles is by leaving their keys inside. It’s easily done: if you put your keys down inside the car or van and then get out in a rush, you’re locked out as soon as the door slams shut.

But there are other ways that a locking out incident can happen, too. You might, for example, leave your car keys in the office when leaving work late, and find you can’t get back inside the office to retrieve them. Or maybe your young child has hidden them somewhere, and you’re searching high and low over the house.

And sometimes, weird and wonderful incidents happen to lock you out too: dogs have been known to eat car keys and end up at the vets, while you may have really bad luck and drop your car keys down a drain as you’re rootling around in your bag. No matter how it happens, one thing’s for certain: it’s no fun.

How Excalibur Can Help If You’ve Been Locked Out

Understandably, people panic when they find that they’re locked out – especially if it’s the middle of the night or they don’t have phone signal.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are some things you certainly shouldn’t do. One UK fire brigade, for example, said in 2015 that they were receiving over fifteen calls a day from people who were locked out – and they asked members of the public not to waste fire brigade resources for a problem like this unless there was genuine, imminent danger.

In most circumstances, it’s also not a good idea to smash any of the windows of your vehicle. You could injure yourself if you do this, and if that happens then the situation will very quickly become worse.

Instead, what you should do if you’re locked out of your vehicle in Ormskirk, Warrington or Maghull is get in touch with a local, reputable emergency auto locksmith like Excalibur.

Excalibur has over thirty five years’ worth of experience in this industry, and we have a vast range of keys for all sorts of vehicle makes and models. We can help you in all kinds of sticky situations, including if your car is stuck in a multi storey car park. What’s more, our entry methods are noted for being non-destructive – so you won’t have to worry that your car or van will be damaged when you call us out.

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